Pieces Of My Life.

Elvis' sunglasses

(Photo: Nalle Westman)

This is THE YEAR of Elvis exhibits. It seems that to commemorate Elvis’ 75th birthday every museum and gallery curator from L.A. to Esher has decided to have their own Elvis exhibit this particular year. Everything from Elvis’ personal belongings to some never before seen photos are making the rounds – even Elvis’ bible got it’s own gig.

Elvis exhibition

Alfred Wertheimer’s Elvis ’56 photos are on heavy rotation this year. The Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit of Elvis photos (56 images in total) under the banner Elvis at 21, has so far visited The Grammy Museum and The Boca Raton Museum of Art and is currently on display at The Museum of The Shenandoah Valley in Winchester through October 10th. The Wertheimer pictures were also on display in January at The Proud Chelsea Gallery in London. This was the first time the Wertheimer pics were hung on the walls of British gallery.

Another photo exhibit Elvis: Grace & Grit is on tour too, displaying rare and never seen before pics of Elvis from the CBS Television Photo Archives. The exhibit opened at Petaluma Museum in April and  recently relocated to Stax Museum in Memphis where the pictures will be on display until October 16th.

Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC has it’s own Elvis exhibit One Life: Echoes of Elvis, through August 22nd.  The exhibition explores the image and story of Presley since his death. On display are works of artists like Ralph Wolfe Cowan and Mark Stutzman (the Elvis Stamp artist).

Another Elvis exhibit in Washington DC is at Newseum, through February 14th, 2011. The exhibit highlights feature rare photographs and original newspapers and magazines covering Presley’s career, Elvis’ 1957 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, The “American Eagle” jumpsuit and cape and the 1969 gold-and-diamond belt among other things.

Elvis Presley: Fashion King, is one of three new exhibits to open at Graceland in 2010, and will be open through March of 2012. On display Elvis’ cloths an accessories.

The most obscure one was Elvis’ bible on display in May at Christian Resources Exhibition, at Sandown Park in Esher, UK.  The Museum of the Bible display featured bibles owned by famous people. How Great Thou Art.

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