It Was Almost 41 Years Ago Today (And The Madness Keeps Going On)

Abbey Road crossing

The Cover staff re-enacting the famous album cover shooting session. Thanks to the miracles of PhotoShop the staff of two multiplied to six.


On August 8th 1969 photographer Ian Macmillan shot the famous cover of The Beatles’ Abbey Road -album, the Fab Four crossing the street in front of their recording studios. Little did he know that the image would be repeated forever by other bands and to a great annoyance of the local residents, the fans.

The residential street of Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood, London, is one of the most unattractive areas in London – there’s no cafes, bars, shops, galleries or anything special, but the tourist keep coming just to take snapshots of themselves crossing the most famous zebra crossing in the world. Cover went to take some snapshots too.

We arrived early in the morning – more or less hoping to be there before the tourists arrive, but that dream died immediately. There they were. Occasionally just a handful of them, but most of the time too many people pacing back and forth the crossing that we decided not to try our own shooting session at all. After a brief moment we were rather fascinated by all the silliness of these visitors and just observed. Two middle-aged Italian ladies taking pictures of each other crossing the street defying the heavy traffic on the road – one of them crossing the street the wrong way (from right to left) and the other shooting the picture from the wrong side of the crossing (Abbey Road being actually behind her back). We finally did our own brief shooting session in the middle of all this and made a composite picture from 16 different pictures cropping out the tourists and the result is this image featured above. Mission accomplished.

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