Bavarian Vintage Car Experience

Automobile Welt Eisenach

(Photo: Elen Mavrea)


The exhibit, Automobile Welt Eisenach, in Eisenach, a small town near Munich, Germany, is a paradise for all vintage car lovers. The Automobile Museum was founded in 1967 and moved to its new home in June 2005. The exhibit divides the automobile history of Eisenach in 12 sections, every section presenting an era of automobiles from Eisenach’s production as well as objects that reflect the way of living of these certain periods.

The exhibition is divided into the following sections:

  • Beginning of the automobile (1898 to 1904).
  • Beginning of the industrial car manufacturing (1904 to 1914).
  • Car for the masses with Dixi and  the taking-over of BMW (1918 to 1930).
  • National Sosialism and Motorization in the 1930’s (1935 to 1939).
  • Warproduction (1939 bis 1945).
  • Post-war era (1945 to 1949).
  • Automobiles in the DDR (1952 to 1960)
  • High-performance sport (1950 to 1956).
  • Export-cars with IFA F 9 (1953 to 1970).
  • Leisure time cars (1955 to 1990)
  • Aborted research (1966 to 1988).
  • End of an era and new start with Opel and BMW (after 1990).

(Photo: Elen Mavrea)

Automobiles from every production period are exhibited, like for example the first Wartburg Motorcar from 1899, the Dixi 3/15, the BMW 328, series models from the Eisenach Car Manufactory and one AWE-Racecar from the year 1956. Bodywork studies made of wood, prototypes and construction plans give an insight in the evolution of automobiles.

(Photo: Elen Mavrea)

Over 100 Years of Automobile Production
More than a century has gone by since the first automobile has been built in Eisenach and with this a tradition well founded. Because of this predestination Eisenach and its suburbs have maintained a close relationship with the automobile industry, without this it would have been impossible in 1998 to celebrate 100 Years Automobile Production in Eisenach. In 1896 the entrepreneur Heinrich Ehrhardt (1840-1928) founded the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG. In the beginning the production was concentrated on bicycles and military vehicles such as transporters for ammunition or livestock feed. In 1898 began the production of the Wartburg Motor Carriage. This marked a prestigious day for the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG and made Eisenach one of three automobile producers in Germany along Daimler in Stuttgart-Cannstatt and Benz in Mannheim.

(Photo: Elen Mavrea)

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