The Month in Pictures

September 2010

Sep 3rd: The annual Open Helsinki Day opened the doors to Helsinki Shipyard. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

fireworks display Helsinki

Sep 9th: Fireworks display above the Helsinki sky. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

rainy day helsinki

Sep 19th: A rainy day in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)


Sep 21st: 22-Pistepirkko did a small photo session while cutting their latest album. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Corvette Leningrad Cowboys

Sep 22nd: The Leningrad Cowboys Race Team '58 Corvette on display at The Finnish National Archives. (Photo: Nalle Westman)


Sep 25th: The mushroom season is galloping at large. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

brighton grand hotel uk

Sep 28th: Grand Hotel window cleaners, Brighton, UK. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

west pier brighton

Sep 28th: The West Pier seen from the Brighton Pier, Brighton, UK. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Sep 29th: The Eastbourne seafront, UK. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Sep 29th: The Eastbourne seafront, UK. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

beachy head eastbourne uk

Sep 29th: A flock of visitors heading towards the cliffs of Beachy Head, Eastbourne, UK (Photo: Nalle Westman)

beachy head eastbourne uk

Sep 29th: Beachy Head, the tallest sea cliff in the UK (500 ft/160 m). (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

west pier passacaglia charles haddock brighton uk

Sep 29th: The West Pier seen through The Passacaglia sculpture by Charles Hadcock. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

brighton sunset uk

Sep 29th: A sunset in Brighton, UK. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

man and a dog hove uk

Sep 30th: A man and his dog, Hove, UK. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

brighton youngsters uk

Sep 30th: The Brighton youngsters. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

brighton uk photo session

Sep 30th: A photo session on the beach, Brighton, UK. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

stormy day brighton uk

Oct 1st: A stormy day in Brighton, UK. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

August 2010

Statsraad Lehmkuhl

Aug 4th: A Norwegian three-masted barque rigged sail training vessel, Statraad Lehmkuhl, drew quite an audience to the harbor of Helsinki to welcome the ship. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Graffiti artists

Aug 6th: Graffiti artists in Helsinki (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Helsinki Motorsport Weekend

Aug 6th: Helsinki Motorsport Weekend rehearsals (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Bungee jump

Aug 6th: The highest bungee jump of the season in Finland was made at 150 m in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Aug 7th: The annual Beer Floating event on Vantaa River.

Charles McCrea Helsinki Roosters

Aug 8th: Helsinki Roosters' Charles McCrea in action. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Helsinki Roosters Seinäjoki Crocodiles American Football

Aug 8th: The game's over. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Waterfall Helsinki

Aug 10th: The rapids of the Power Station Museum, Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

BMX-bikes in action

Aug 13th: BMX-bikes in action in Helsinki. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

Classic Wooden Sailing Boat Race in Helsinki

Aug 14th: Classic wooden sailing boats race starting line, Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Helsinki City Marathon 2010

Aug 14th: Helsinki City Marathon 2010. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Construction worker at Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Aug 14th: A lone construction worker at Helsinki Olympic Stadium. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

The European Peacock

Aug 19th: The European Peacock. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

Full Moon

Aug 23th: Full moon. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

Paavo Väyrynen

Aug 29th: Finnish veteran politician, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Paavo Väyrynen, spoke at the Foreign Ministry citizens’ event in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

July 2010

Eckerö Line ferry Nordlandia

July 2nd: Eckerö Line ferry Nordlandia sailing out from the port of Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Changing the guard at royal palace in oslo

July 3rd: Changing the guard at the Royal Palace in Oslo. (Photo: Leila Matila)

Heavy rainfall in Helsinki

July 8th: A heavy rainfall turned the streets of Helsinki into rivers. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Divers warming up in Helsinki

July 10th: Divers warming up before their event in European Junior Diving Championships in Helsinki. (photo: Nalle Westman)

Record breaking hot summer

July 12th: The record-breaking hot summer embraced Finland several weeks. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

People watching firemen on their balconies

July 12th: People watching from their balconies firemen at work on a rooftop across the street in Helsinki. It turned out to be a false alarm. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Mercedes-Benz caught fire

July 15th: A Mercedes-Benz convertible caught on fire in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Steam engine train in Porvoo.

July 17th: A heritage rail steam locomotive in Porvoo. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

July 21st: Viking Mariella in the Gulf of Finland. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

Passengers on Viking Mariella and Silja Europa waving at each other in the Stockholm Archipelago

July 22nd: Passengers on Viking Mariella and Silja Europa waving at each other in the Stockholm Archipelago. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Changing the guards in Stockholm

July 22nd: Changing the Guards at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Gröna Lund amusement park carousel

July 22nd: The Gröna Lund amusement park carousel in Stockholm. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

The lone tracks of Pasila switchyard

July 25th: The lone tracks of Pasila switchyard in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

The smokestacks of museum ship Tarmo

July 27th: The smokestacks of museum ship Tarmo in Kotka. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

June 2010

Victoria & Daniel

June 1st: The royal wedding craze sweeps Sweden. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

The Hel-Gators

June 6th: Finnish Noir Rockabilly trio The Hel-Gators found some time to pose for shots while making their music video. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Staircase of The Finnish Museum of Natural History

June 10th: The staircase of The Finnish Museum of Natural History. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Pro-Israel demonstration

June 10th: Pro-Israel demonstration in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Anti-Israel demonstration.

June 11th: Soggy anti-Israel demonstartors in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Helsinki Samba Carneval.

June 12th: A feathery galore of 20th Helsinki Samba Carnival. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Helsinki Week

June 11th: A watered down celebration of Helsinki Week. A lone security person in the rain at the empty Senate Square. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Seagull attack

June 16th: A flock of seagulls attack a little boy at Market Square in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Sun worshipper

June 16th: A sun worshipper at the Market Square waterfront in Helsinki. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Tourist taking snapshots of The Helsinki Cathedral

June 17th: Tourists taking snapshots of the Helsinki Cathedral. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Bicycle in Amsterdam

June20th: Amsterdam, the bicycle capital of the world. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Rainy day in Amsterdam

June 20th: A rainy day in Amsterdam. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)

Scotchman bagpipe and batman in Amsterdam

June 20th: The Scotchman's bagpipe is too much for the Batman of Amsterdam. (Photo: Lea Mettovaara)


June 21st: The 185 m tall sightseeing tower Euromast in Rotterdam celebrates it's 50th anniversary this year. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Norwegian Epic

June 21st: Norwegian Epic, a 329 m long cruise ship made a visit to Rotterdam before it started it's inaugural Atlantic crossing from Southampton to New York. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Sunset at Hoek Van Holland

June 22nd: A midsummer sunset a Hoek Van Holland. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Brompton Cemetery

June 23rd: Brompton Cemetery, London. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Underground depot

June 24th: Earl's Court Underground depot, London. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

Singer sewing machines

June 24th: Singer sewing machines galore in Portobello Road shop, London. (Photo: Nalle Westman)

A swan at the Round Pond.

June 24th: A swan swimming in the green waters of the Round Pond in London. (Photo: Nalle Westman)


June 30th: Danish long jumper Morten Jensen leaps 8,21 m and wins Espoo Challenge meet. (Photo: Nalle Westman)


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